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I bring to the table a wealth of experience as an Assistant Director, having dedicated several years to the dynamic and multifaceted realms of film and television production in Bangladesh. My professional journey has been marked by significant contributions to a diverse array of projects, including Television Commercials (TVCs), gripping Dramas, compelling Movies, and engaging TV Shows. Within these varied domains, I have honed my skills in orchestrating seamless production workflows, ensuring the smooth execution of creative visions, and fostering collaborative environments that bring out the best in each team member. My extensive background in TVC, Drama, Movies, and TV Shows positions me as a seasoned professional capable of steering projects to success, and I look forward to furthering my contributions to the ever-evolving world of media production in Bangladesh.

Besides, I like to write movie review. You can  visit my movie review blog CINEMABAAZ.


B.B.A (Accounting)


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